Big Game in La Pampa

Hunting Area:

The hunt is performed at the Province of La Pampa, about 372 miles distant from Buenos Aires city. As one of the most arid and wild scenarios of Argentina, this is the ideal hunting area for these trophies. These animals made La Pampa their natural habitat at the beginning of the century when the first ones were brought in.


Our lodge is located near the hunting area. Our country-style house has 6 double rooms all with private bathrooms, a great dining area and a lounge room where hunters may relax and enjoy an after-dinner drink.

All services are catered to assure hunters take full advantage of their hunt and stay.


All transfers are done in our latest 4-Wheel drive vehicles. We take care of all transfers to and from airports in Buenos Aires. You, as our guest hunter, and during the duration of your hunt, will be accompanied by our staff at all times, from the moment you arrive until your departure.


The Province of La Pampa has a wide array of weather conditions. In the summer months (Dec 21st – March 20th) temperatures can get above 35ºC. In fall (March 21st – June 20th) the temperature is still a warm 28ºC along the day, descending to 8ªC in the evening, what makes this months one of the hunters’ favorite times to come over. In winter (June 21st – Sep 20th) temperatures are around 5ªC in the morning and 8ºC during the rest of the day. The temperature in spring (Sep 21st – Dec 20th) is a bit more variable, with a maximum of about 20ªC throughout the day, falling to 12ªC at evening.


The hunting season for these trophies are as follows:

Wild Boar – All year round
Puma – March to September
Scottish Black Face – All year round
Four-Horn Ram – All year round
Wild Goat – All year round

Guns, Ammunition and Regulations:

Argentina has very few regulations for guns temporary entrance. By filling one simple form, you may bring along up to three own guns or, if you send us the corresponding data before your trip, we can take care of all paperwork what will avoid any unnecessary delays at the international airport.

It is not allowed to enter the country with ammunition. We have a range of guns for rent, if you do not wish to travel with your. You will find world-class 243w, 308w, 270w, 338wm, 375wm and 458wm scoped riffles.

As far as the Immigration Department is concerned European and North American citizens do not require visas to come into the country. Also, there are no sanitary requirements.

We are here to advise,  consult us right now.