Pigeon Program

Argentina is no doubt, the most important destination to shoot doves and pigeons in the world. This program offers the chance to hunt these birds with no limit and it is regular for hunters to shoot between 1000 and 1500 rounds per day.

Shooting starts early in the mornings, when birds come out of their sleeping places and fly towards the fields for feeding. Firing is done at these feeding points in the fields while they pass over, all along the morning.

At noon we stop to have lunch outdoors in the countryside, where you will get a superb service and taste our world-known beef and fine wines or ice-cold beer. After lunch, the hunt continues till late afternoon when we return to the lodge to enjoy a pleasant dinner and turn in for the next day out in the fields.

Every hunter will be accompanied by a bird-boy to reload the guns and give assistance during the whole the hunt. You will be frequently visited at your shooting spot by our hunting staff in charge, to see if you need any assistance and to provide you with ammunition. In the afternoon, also to offer you some snack.

3 Day – Pigeon Program


The hunt is performed at the Province of La Pampa, about 600 km distant from Buenos Aires city. As one of the wildest scenarios of Argentina, La Pampa province is heading as one of the best destinations for Dove & Pigeons due of the high volume of grains on this área. A paradise for doves and pigeons, that sometimes, becomes a real plague causing great losses.


Our lodge is located near the hunting area. Our country-style house has 6 double rooms all with private bathrooms, a great dining area and a lounge room where hunters may relax and enjoy an after-dinner drink. All services are catered to allow hunters to take full advantage of their hunt and stay.


Mercedes Benz vans/or similar carrying up to 13 passengers are used to make all the ground transfers. Hunts are done in rugged 4-Wheel Drive vehicles. We provide all transfers from and to airports, in Buenos Aires and Cordoba. Our hunters are at all times accompanied by someone of our staff, from their arrival to their departure.


The Province of La Pampa has a wide array of weather conditions. In the summer months (Dec 21st – March 20th) temperatures can get above 35ºC/95°F. In fall (March 21st – June 20th) the temperature is still a warm 28ºC/82°F along the day, descending to 8°C/46°F in the evening, what makes these months one of the hunters’ favorite times to come over. In winter (June 21st – Sep 20th) temperatures are around 5°C/41°F in the morning and 8°C/46°F during the rest of the day. The temperature in spring (Sep 21st – Dec 20th) is a bit more variable, with a maximum of about 20°C/68°F throughout the day, falling to 12°C/54°F at evening.


Due to the number of birds that exist in this area and their permanent breeding, hunting season goes on all year round.

Guns, Ammunition and Regulations:

Argentina has very simple regulations to enter guns temporarily. By doing some simple paperwork, you may bring along your own gun or, if you let us know some time in advance, you can leave the task up to us in order to avoid any delay at the airport. It is not allowed to come into the country with a great deal of ammunition. We have a range of guns for rent, if you do not wish to bring your own. You will find from 20 gauge semi-automatic Beretta shotguns ( 391) URIKA. We will provide you with both national and international brand shells for cal. 20 gauge / 25 grams, cal. 12 gauge / 28 grams, cal. 16 gauge / 25 grams, cal. 28 gauge / 18grams, cal. 410 gauge / 11grams.

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How to Get Here:

Argentina is a country which most major American and European airlines reach. There is a wide range of offers at low prices. Our international airport in Buenos Aires is Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza). Once here, our staff will be expecting you at the airport to make your transfer to the domestic airport at 35 minutes drive from the international one. After one-hour flight you will arrive at Santa Rosa’s airport were you will be greeted and taken to our lodge that is at about one-hour drive. You must take into account that flights to La Pampa are not operative on a daily basis, therefore we strongly recommend you to ask us about this, in order to make up your itinerary together. Another option is to arrive in Buenos Aires and then rent a plane to Santa Rosa (1hr. 20 min). This may be an interesting way of combining several hunting areas on a single trip. There is another option which is by bus. Very comfortable seats and great on board service, similar to 1st class (airlines)

We are here to advise,  consult us right now.