Big Game in Buenos Aires

Big Game in Buenos Aires

In this Program, in the Province of Buenos Aires near the International Airport , you will be able to combine these e species . having thousands of Blackbucks ,axis deers and wild pigs and have intense days getting the best trophies-

Hunting Area

This hunts take place in the Province of Buenos Aires only a two-hour drive away.


Should we need to spend the night in the area we will not be returning to Capital Federal. In this case we will be staying at a nearby hotel that can cater for all our needs for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


All transfers are done in our latest 4-Wheel Drive vehicles. We will gladly see to all transfers to and from airports in Buenos Aires. You, our guest hunter, will at all times be accompanied by our staff, from the moment you get here until your departure.


The Province of Buenos Aires does not have extreme weather conditions. Our temperature in Summer will usually not go above 35ªC and in Winter it will usually stay above 10ºC.

Guns ammunition and Regulations

Argentina has very simple regulations to enter guns temporarily. By doing some simple paperwork, you may bring along your own gun or, if you let us know some time in advance, you can leave the task up to us in order to avoid any delay at the airport.
It is not allowed to come into the country with a great deal of ammunition. We have a range of guns for rent, if you do not wish to bring your own. You will find world-class 243w, 308w and 270w scoped riffles.
As far as the Immigration Department is concerned European and North American citizens do not require visas to come into the country.

How to get here.

Argentina is a country which most major American and European airlines reach. There is a wide range of offers at low prices. Our international airport in Buenos Aires is Ministro Pistarini. Once here, our staff will be expecting you at the airport to transfer you to the hunting area located about a two-hour drive away.

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