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MG Hunting
MG Hunting MG Hunting
Hunting Hunting Hunting Hunting

MG Hunting is a company created and owned by Marcelo Gil, member of the SCI and synergetic guide in different Argentine provinces, who has a vast experience in organizing synergetic programs. Marcelo, son of a Spanish gunsmith, has spent his lifetime amidst the world of guns and hunting.

From a very early age, Marcelo began to practice disciplines of wingshooting (Skeet) in which he specialized and represented his country throughout 25 years in one Olympic Games (Atlanta 96), 20 world championships and 8 Pan American championships among others with remarkable results having won a 2nd place in a World championship, a South American Championship and many National championships. Along that time, he has stepped up onto scores of podiums and visited over 26 countries in 5 continents....Continue Reading >

Dove and Pigeon - Córdoba
Dove and Pigeon - Córdoba
3 Day - Dove and Pigeon Program
Argentina is no doubt, the most important destination to shoot doves and pigeons in the world. This program offers the chance to hunt these birds with no limit and it is regular for hunters to shoot between 1000 and 1500 rounds per day.
Red Stag - La Pampa
Red Stag Hunting - La Pampa
5 Day - Red Stag Hunting
This program takes place in our own hunting ground in the Province of La Pampa. This field has 15,000 hectares of century-old scrublands where the red stag lives among wild boars, pumas and different types of rams.

Duck and Geese - Buenos Aires
Duck and Geese - Buenos Aires
3 Day - Duck and Geese Program
Our country is, without a doubt, a great choice for waterfowl hunting.
In this program each hunter shoots between 200 and 250 rounds a day at over 8 different types of species of ducks.
Hunts in Africa
Hunting in Africa
Hunts in Africa
MG HUNTING has partnered with one of the best professionals in the hunting business in South Africa so as to achieve, together, an unforgettable SAFARI.

Fly Fishing Program- Patagonia
Fly Fishing Program
6 Days Fly Fishing Program
Reception at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires and transfer to domestic airport. Arrival in San Martin de los Andes at Chapelco Airport (around 2 pm) or at Bariloche International Airport. You will be met by our Host and Head Guide.
Golden Fishing - La Zona
Golden Fishing - La Zona
Fishing days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
For more than 20 years, the fabled peacock bass of South American waters has GAINED fame and publicity within traveling anglers. Now there is a new fishing treasure, awaiting at the Argentine-Uruguayan border.


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Marcelo Gil20 years of experience give me the possibility to offer the best programs for hunting and fishing in Argentina, to my best friends and customers. Our classic " Dove and Pigeons in Cordoba", shooting thousands and thousands of birds, our incredible Duck hunt and our always exciting Red Stag hunt along with other animals for big game.
Dorado fishing, in Concordia .due to the quantity and quality of fish, is the best in the world.

Today with my friend and partner Mynhard, we offer the possibility of hunting in Africa with greater professionalism, reliability and attention you can find for a great price, safaris of 7 to 15 days in South Africa for antilopes, 15 to 20 days for the Big 5, are our programs of excellence. Hunt with MG Hunting, i promise it will be unforgettable

Marcelo Gil



6 Full Days Doves and Ducks
3 days dave and pigeons and duck an geese
This Program combines the best two Argentinean areas for bird hunting. Three days in Cordoba , where you are able to shoot thousands of rounds for Dove and Pigeon and 3 days in the Province of Buenos Aires to shoot Duck and Geese.
3 full days for Wild Pig, Axis Deer and Blackbuck
5 days bs as
In this Program, in the Province of Buenos Aires near the International Airport , you will be able to combine these e species . having thousands of Blackbucks ,axis deers and wild pigs and have intense days getting the best trophies-
5 days hunt Dove & Pigeon
5 days dave and pigeon
This program is for those willing to break their shoulders shooting. Five full days shooting over 2,000 rounds a day.
10 Full days for Big Game
10 days la pampa
This is a Program that allows you to get most of the Argentinean Big Game´s animals. Six days in La Pampa, for Red Stag-Puma-Wild Boar-Scottish Black Face-Wild goat-4 horned Ram -Water Buffalo.Four days in the Province of Buenos Aires for Axis Deer and Blackbuck.
Image Gallery Big Game
Image Gallery Small Game
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MG Hunting MG Hunting