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Hunting Method






This program unfolds within our exclusive hunting ground in the Province of La Pampa, encompassing 15,000 hectares of century-old scrublands. Here, the Red Stag coexists with Wild Boars, Pumas, and various types of Rams, all roaming freely in their natural habitat. Undoubtedly, this offers one of the most exhilarating hunting experiences in Argentina, often prompting hunters to pursue more than one trophy.

The Red Stag Rutting Season spans from mid-March through mid-April. The stalking and hunting activities start in the early morning, before dawn, strategically positioned to listen to the stags below. As daylight breaks, we approach the animals, evaluating their conditions to determine if they meet the criteria for a worthy trophy.

Around noon, we return to the lodge for a hearty meal and a brief rest, gearing up to repeat the ritual in the afternoon. This cycle provides ample opportunities for an immersive and memorable hunting experience in the heart of La Pampa.


Hunting Area 

The hunting activities take place in the Province of La Pampa, approximately 600 km away from Buenos Aires city. Renowned for being one of the most arid and untamed landscapes in Argentina, this region proves to be the perfect hunting ground for these trophies. The animals established La Pampa as their natural habitat at the inception of the century when the first specimens were introduced. 


Our lodge is conveniently situated near the hunting area. The country-style house offers six double rooms, each equipped with private bathrooms. Additionally, it features a spacious dining area and a comfortable lounge room, providing hunters with a relaxing space to unwind and enjoy an after-dinner drink. All services at the lodge are tailored to ensure that hunters can fully capitalize on their hunting experience and enjoy a comfortable stay.


Ride in comfort and reliability with our modern fleet of 4-Wheel drive vehicles for all your transfers. From the Buenos Aires airports to your destination and back, our team ensures seamless transportation. As our esteemed hunter, you’re not just a guest—you’re part of our family. Count on dedicated support from our staff, guiding you through every step of your journey, making your arrival to departure as effortless and enjoyable as the hunt itself.


The Province of La Pampa experiences a diverse range of weather conditions. In the summer months (Dec 21st – March 20th), temperatures can rise above 35ºC/95°F. As fall (March 21st – June 20th) approaches, the daytime temperature remains a warm 28ºC/82°F, gradually descending to 8°C/46°F in the evening, making these months particularly favored by hunters. During winter (June 21st – Sep 20th), the mornings are cooler, with temperatures around 5°C/41°F, while the rest of the day hovers around 8°C/46°F. In spring (Sep 21st – Dec 20th), temperatures are more variable, with a maximum of approximately 20°C/68°F during the day, dropping to 12°C/54°F in the evening.

Guns, ammunition and regulations

Argentina has straightforward regulations for the temporary entry of guns. With some simple paperwork, you can bring your own gun. Alternatively, if you inform us in advance, we can handle the process to avoid any delays at the airport. It’s important to note that bringing a substantial amount of ammunition into the country is forbidden.

For those who prefer not to bring their own firearms, we offer a variety of guns for rent, including 12-gauge semi-automatic Beretta shotguns (301/303/391). Additionally, we will supply both national and international brand shells for different calibers, including 20 gauge (24 and 25 grams), 12 gauge (28 grams), 16 gauge (25 grams), 28 gauge (18 grams), and 410 gauge (11 grams).

Regarding entry requirements, European and North American citizens do not need visas according to the Immigration Department.

How to get here

Argentina is well-connected with most major American and European airlines, offering a range of budget-friendly options. Touching down at Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza), Buenos Aires’ primary international airport, our team will be there to welcome you upon arrival and help you with all your custom-related paperwork. We’ll swiftly assist in transferring you to the nearby domestic airport, just a short 35-minute drive away. A brief one-hour flight will take you to Santa Rosa’s, La Pampa, airport, where our team eagerly awaits to escort you to our lodge, nestled about an hour from the airport.

It’s crucial to note that flights to La Pampa aren’t available daily. To ensure a seamless trip, we highly recommend coordinating with us to plan your itinerary. Alternatively, if you arrive in Buenos Aires, you can opt to rent a plane for a thrilling 1 hour and 20-minute flight to Santa Rosa. This unique opportunity allows you to explore multiple hunting areas on a single memorable expedition.”

Hunt includes

  • Reception and paperwork assistance in all Argentine airports.
  • Transfers amongst the different hunting spots of the hunting areas in modern all-terrain vehicles.
  • Accommodation in exclusive Lodge, close to hunting areas. 
  • High-quality regional and international meals and beverages (hard drinks included)
  • Personalized attention by safari organizers.
  • Guides.
  • Skinning and salting preparation.

Hunt does not include

  Gun permits: US$ 120 per firearm (3 guns max. per hunter)

  Hunting license: US$  400 per hunter

▪  Gun rental: U$S 250 the whole hunt with ammo included (in this case it´s included).

▪  Tips: (not exceeding) US$  100 for the entire hunt.

  Local flights and layovers in Buenos Aires, international telephone calls.


  • Meals and beverages: Meals are generous. The main ingredient is Argentine’s world-famous beef. Special menus are prepared, upon request (vegetarian, salt-free, etc.). Alcoholic beverages are included in the price (beer, scotch whisky, champagne, and wines).
  • Firearms, shells and equipment:  Argentine regulations allow entering up to three firearms maximum per person, at a cost of US$ 120 per gun. If a hunter would not want to travel with firearms, MG HUNTING can provide rifles in several calibers at US$ 250 the whole hunt. MG Hunting provides everything else.

Payment method

Only cash or previous transfer to US commercial bank account.

US$ 350

Daily rate 1 hunter (1×1) – U$350 per day per hunter.
Prices goes by measure of the stag, consult.


Daily rates include ground transfers, accommodation, meals, beverages and hard drinks

Don’t settle for just one trophy

2nd Red Stag                        U$S 4000
Water Buffalo                       U$S 4000
Fallow Deer                           U$S 2400
Black Buck                             U$S 1300
Four Horn                              U$S 1000
Wild Boar                               U$S 1000
Scottish Black Face               U$S 1000
Wild Goat                                 U$S 700