Hunting Method





Hunting Area

The hunting grounds for this program lie in Pehuajo, to the west of Capital Federal, nestled in the heart of the Province of Buenos Aires. Encompassing vast hectares, this region is primarily dedicated to cultivating crops like corn, wheat, sunflowers, soy, and more. In recent years, significant floods have intermittently affected the area, leaving many fields unharvested.These natural occurrences have remarkably transformed the landscape, creating prime habitats for waterfowl.

These flooded fields have become favored breeding grounds for hundreds of birds due to their ideal conditions. The emergence of these new lakes has negated the need for migration, turning the area into an all-season haven for these avian species.


Strategically positioned a mere 15 to 20 minutes from our prime hunting grounds, our lodge sits nestled within the enchanting embrace of a sprawling ranch. Boasting six meticulously appointed bedrooms, each featuring private bathrooms, our lodge is designed to provide unparalleled comfort. Relax in the spacious lounge, complete with a welcoming fireplace, or gather in the inviting dining area.

Throughout your stay, our dedicated team of housekeepers and chefs will attend to your every need. Indulge in a diverse array of international culinary delights expertly paired with our renowned selection of fine wines. And as the hunting season unfolds, take advantage of the welcoming weather by enjoying a refreshing dip in our relaxing swimming pool.

We’ve ensured that every aspect of your stay is meticulously crafted to provide comfort, ensuring your time off the hunting grounds is just as memorable and satisfying as your thrilling hunts


We exclusively utilize top-tier Mercedes Benz or equivalent vans, accommodating up to 13 passengers, for seamless transfers.Hunting expeditions are conducted in rugged, reliable 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles, ensuring optimal performance in the field. 

For a hassle-free experience, we handle all transfers to and from airports in Buenos Aires or Cordoba. Throughout the entirety of their journey, our experienced staff stands ready to accompany and assist hunters, offering unwavering support from their arrival to their departure in our country. Rest assured, your travel and hunting experience are in capable and dedicated hands


Temperatures in this area exhibit significant variations depending on the time of the year. In April, mornings and evenings may experience temperatures around 18°C/64°F, with daytime highs reaching 25°C/77°F, creating an opportunity to enjoy a refreshing dip in our pool. Moving into May, temperatures can range from morning and evening with lows of 10ºC/50°F to highs of 18ºC/64°F.

As winter sets in, June brings about a further decrease in temperatures, ranging from a lows of 5ºC/41°F to a high of 15ºC/59°F. July marks the coldest point, with temperatures ranging from 0ºC/32°F to 12ºC/54°F. It is not uncommon to experience showers during waterfowl season, so it’s advisable to consider this when packing your suitcases.


The hunting season for ducks and geese in this region spans from April 15th through July 31st, offering ample opportunities to pursue these prized game birds.

Guns, ammunition and regulations

Argentina has straightforward regulations for the temporary entry of guns. With some simple paperwork, you can bring your own gun. Alternatively, if you inform us in advance, we can handle the process to avoid any delays at the airport. It’s important to note that bringing a substantial amount of ammunition into the country is forbidden.

For those who prefer not to bring their own firearms, we offer a variety of guns for rent, including 12-gauge semi-automatic Beretta shotguns (301/303/391). Additionally, we will supply both national and international brand shells for different calibers, including 20 gauge (24 and 25 grams), 12 gauge (28 grams), 16 gauge (25 grams), 28 gauge (18 grams), and 410 gauge (11 grams).

Regarding entry requirements, European and North American citizens do not need visas according to the Immigration Department.

How to get here

Argentina is well-connected with most major American and European airlines, offering a range of budget-friendly options. Touching down at Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza), Buenos Aires’ primary international airport, our team will be there to welcome you upon arrival and assist you with all your custom-related paperwork. Following this, you will embark on a 3-hour drive to reach our Lodge in Pehuajó.

Given that most international flights arrive in the morning, we typically reach the lodge early enough to start hunting that same afternoon. This initial session is considered half a hunting day, with the remainder completed on your last day. On the departure day, you will engage in a morning hunt and depart to Capital Federal at noon to catch your flight back home.

Daily rate per hunter

Daily rates include ground transfers, accommodation, meals, beverages and hard drinks

US$ 900

Daily rate – Duck hunt: US$900 per day.

Up to 50 ducks – Ducks & Doves or Partridges: US$ 1100 per day. 


Hunting license: 
U$S 70 per day per hunter.

Gun Rental:                             
U$S 70 per day per hunter.

Gun permit:                             
U$S 120 (If bringing guns).

U$S 15 the box of 25.