a family of hunters

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We’ve been hunting for the last 30 years

Three decades ago, Marcelo Gil established MG Hunting, an Argentine-based organization catering to the needs of both Big and Small Game hunters. The great number of travelers who join us annually and their enthusiastic testimonials are testament to our standing as a premier company for organizing unparalleled personalized and private hunting experiences.

Hunt History

We now hunting isn’t about numbers, it’s about experiences. But check out some of our numbers here.




A family of hunters

Hunting is our lifestyle. We’ve grown up hunting and learned to love its traditions. After our father passed away,  we made the choice to carry forward his legacy,  joining fellow hunters on excursion, much like he did with us in our youth.

Environmental commitment

As responsible hunters, we hold a deep commitment to taking care of wildlife and natural habitats we hunt in, adhering to both national and international regulations in every hunt and supporting hunting organizations in Argentina and worldwide.

Community retribution

We recognize the importance of giving back to the communities neighboring our hunting grounds. Over the past few years, we’ve consistently donated essential items such as food, toys, and clothing. Our commitment to these contributions extends into the long term, with intentions to continue our support.

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