Hunting Method






Argentina stands as one of the premier global destinations for Dove and Pigeon hunting, offering an unparalleled experience.

Prepare for endless bird hunting opportunities with our program, where it’s common for hunters to engage in shooting sessions averaging between 1000 to 1500 cartridges per day.

Each hunter is paired with a dedicated birder, ensuring seamless reloading and continuous support throughout the hunt. Our experienced hunting staff frequently visit your shooting stand, offering assistance and ensuring you’re stocked up with ammunition.

The action kicks off early in the morning as birds depart their roosts, heading to the feeding fields. It’s here, amidst this morning spectacle, that we aim at these flocks passing overhead.

At noon, we pause for a rustic yet exclusive lunch in the heart of the open field. Savor exquisite meats paired with fine wines or chilled beer, served exclusively for you. After this rejuvenating break, the hunt resumes, extending into the late afternoon.

As dusk approaches, we head back to the lodge for a delightful dinner, unwinding and preparing for another thrilling day ahead


Welcome to the “Tras la sierra” Valley in the province of Cordoba, surrounded by high mountains, where farmers grow sunflower, corn, peanuts, sorghum and others.  

This unique landscape serves as an idyllic haven for birds, offering an unparalleled breeding and nesting habitat. It’s a true paradise for Doves and Pigeons, where their population occasionally booms, presenting a thrilling challenge for hunters and occasionally causing substantial agricultural losses


Las Araucarias, our exclusive lodge, is situated in San Javier, nestled amidst the peaks of the Cordoba hills, boasting an elevation of 900 meters above sea level, and a mere 30-minute drive from the hunting grounds. This European-inspired residence, constructed around the 20th century, offers all the conveniences our guests might desire while retaining its original and captivating architecture.
The lodge features six spacious double rooms, each equipped with a private bathroom. Additionally, there is a grand dining room and a lounge where guests can unwind with an after-dinner drink while engaging in board games.

Spread across our three-hectare property is a refreshing swimming pool, perfect for a revitalizing splash after a rewarding day of hunting, accompanied by a delightful snack. Just a short distance away, a unique nine-hole golf course and a tennis court provide opportunities for those accompanying hunters to spend their days in leisure. For exploration, we offer horses that guests can ride to visit intriguing points in proximity to our lodge.


We exclusively utilize top-tier Mercedes Benz or equivalent vans, accommodating up to 13 passengers, for seamless transfers.Hunting expeditions are conducted in rugged, reliable 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles, ensuring optimal performance in the field. 

For a hassle-free experience, we handle all transfers to and from airports in Buenos Aires or Cordoba. Throughout the entirety of their journey, our experienced staff stands ready to accompany and assist hunters, offering unwavering support from their arrival to their departure in our country. Rest assured, your travel and hunting experience are in capable and dedicated hands


The “Tras la Sierra” Valley boasts its own microclimate characterized by consistently stable and moderate weather conditions throughout the year. During spring (Sep 21st to Dec 20th), the day starts with a temperature of approximately 18ºC/64ºF, peaking at around 25ºC/77ºF by noon. In summer (Dec 21st to Mar 20th), the day begins at approximately 25ºC/77ºF, reaching up to 35ºC/95ºF at noon. Fall (Mar 21st to Jun. 20th) sees the day starting at around 13ºC/56ºF and reaching up to 20ºC/68ºF at noon, and winter (Jun 21st to Sep 20th) often sees it starting with temperatures as low as 5ºC/41ºF, rising to around 20ºC/68ºF by noon.

These favorable temperature conditions enable our programs to take place year-round. It’s important to note that the region is exceptionally dry, experiencing infrequent rainfall. There are instances where periods exceeding 7 months transpire without a single drop of rain.


The abundance of birds in this area, coupled with their year-round breeding, allows the hunting season to extend throughout the entire year.

Guns, ammunition and regulations

Argentina has straightforward regulations for the temporary entry of guns. With some simple paperwork, you can bring your own gun. Alternatively, if you inform us in advance, we can handle the process to avoid any delays at the airport. It’s important to note that bringing a substantial amount of ammunition into the country is forbidden.

For those who prefer not to bring their own firearms, we offer a variety of guns for rent, including 12-gauge semi-automatic Beretta shotguns (301/303/391). Additionally, we will supply both national and international brand shells for different calibers, including 20 gauge (24 and 25 grams), 12 gauge (28 grams), 16 gauge (25 grams), 28 gauge (18 grams), and 410 gauge (11 grams).

Regarding entry requirements, European and North American citizens do not need visas according to the Immigration Department.


How to get here

Argentina is well-connected with most major American and European airlines, offering a range of budget-friendly options. Touching down at the airport, our team will be there to welcome you upon arrival and assist you with all your custom-related paperwork. The primary international airport in Buenos Aires is Ministro Pistarini, while Cordoba is served by Pajas Blancas, featuring direct flights from Santiago de Chile and Miami.

Should you opt to arrive in Cordoba, our team will be ready to facilitate your transfer to our lodge. Alternatively, you may choose to initially arrive at Buenos Aires and take a private flight (accommodating up to 18 passengers) to Villa Dolores (a 1 hour and 20-minute flight), conveniently located just 15 minutes away from our lodge. This option proves particularly advantageous for large groups. 


Rates include ground transfers, accommodation, meals, beverages and hard drinks. Additionally, one bird-boy is provided per hunter.

Special program

This program includes a 3-day hunting experience, 4 nights at our exclusive lodge, 1000 shells and one bird-boy per hunter

US$ 2500

Total price per hunter​.


  • 1.000 shells
  • 3 full hunting days
  • 4 nights at our exclusive 5-star lodge
  • All meals and beverages, including alcoholic drinks
  • Transfers to and from Airport
  • Bird Boy 

Small game extras

Hunting License – Small Game:
US$ 70 per day per hunter

Gun permit (if required):
US$ 120 per gun 

Gun rental:
US$ 70 per day

US$ 15 per box of 25 shells (20 gauge)

US$ 200 per person

Airfare domestic flight (BuenosAires/Cordoba/Buenos Aires)
Personal Expenses